Boudoir or fine art photographs are a great way to honor and celebrate yourself — and make a precious gift for someone special in your life…

Your session will be fun and memorable. Women come away feeling so powerful, so beautiful, so happy that they found the edge of their comfort zone.

Your favorite outfits, PJs, Lingerie, Draped, Implied, or Nude work available (honoring your intent, preferences & comfort level)

Contact the photographer with questions and for available dates.

This experience is about discovering both your inner beauty, and your body, at their best.
Receive this opportunity to honor and appreciate yourself for being courageous,
to celebrate reaching or declaring your ideal weight, or simply documenting
how you look and feel at this point in time. Whether you share your photos
with someone close to you, or keep them for your own personal reasons,
the images will be valuable to you, more and more as time marches on.

Boudoir and fine art shoots are fun and powerful! Here’s what you can expect:

  • We will use clear communication and offer mutual respect and collaboration.
  • Professional modeling experience is NOT required.
  • Dance or athletic training not required.
  • Poses will be described, shown, and/or demonstrated clearly.
  • At your request, your anonymity will be honored by not showing your face.
  • Female assistant(s) for most shoots.
  • Comfortable studio environment with privacy.
  • Wardrobe selections will be discussed and planned for.
  • Shoot lengths vary, depending upon your budget, and hair and makeup needs.
  • Deluxe Prints, photo album, or a bound book can be created.
  • Your social media, actor’s or performer’s head shot can also be done at the same time.
  • Packages start at $367. January dates are filling up.
  • Sessions reserved before February 14 receive a free gift, which changes weekly.
    Ask about yours when we speak!

Wow, I had no idea I could look so beautiful!
— 58 year old, California

Seeing my daughter that way was so amazing, I felt like crying.
— Proud mother, Churchville

At first I felt a little afraid about being seen. Now I feel liberated!
— 40 year old, Brighton

I like my body better now with more weight. The curves look good.
I feel more womanly. My athlete body felt too hard for me.

— 21 year old RIT and martial arts student

Most important for me was to have a good connection to you, which helped me feel at ease and look my best. I turned down other photographers who were unkind, or rushed, or shady. I felt very comfortable with you.
— 25 year old researcher, URMC

Contact the photographer with questions and for available dates.

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